John Ladenburg

John Ladenburg, former Pierce County Prosecutor and Executive, is running for Pierce County Charter Review District 4, position 1.

I am running to bring my background and experience to this important job. We all remember the mistake we made in changing our Charter method of voting that brought our former Assessor-Treasurer into office. By the time we got rid of him, it cost taxpayers millions of dollars and we were forced to change back. Charter review should be just that, a review to see if changes are really needed. It is not a place to experiment with our form of government. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! If there are important changes that need to go to a public vote, let’s examine them thoroughly and thoughtfully before putting them on the ballot.

I have had the pleasure to serve in both city and county government, giving me insight into what changes are actually necessary and not just amendments for the sake of doing something. As an attorney I understand the importance of language of our Charter which is like the Constitution of the County. I would be happy to serve my community again and I ask for you vote.

John Ladenburg