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The Fifteen Worst Things in the Chambers Creek Park Lease by Dammeier

  1. People living in the park! The lease allows for up to 90 one and two bedroom “golf villas” which have nothing to do with golf. These are essentially one- and two-bedroom private leased homes that will have their own driveways and garages.  The lease period is described as “more than 30 days”, which means people could lease for years and years, living in the park. (See Lease section 1.05)
  2. Destruction of part of the trail and golf course: The lease allows for the developer to build the hotel on the tee boxes of the ninth hole and the trail that goes above that hole and past the current restaurant and pro shop. The trail would be re-routed around the new hotel and “villas”, destroying one of the most scenic parts of the trail.  Since the Master Site Plan only allows construction within the “Central Meadow” part of the land, this violates the MSP. (see map of developer)
  3. Control of the Chambers Creek properties outside the lease area: The developer will have the exclusive right of first offer or refusal to cater any event in the entire 930 public acres, including small weddings on the beach or anywhere in the park. (Lease section 17.02)
  4. Control of the “public amenity space”: a “pubic amenity space” is proposed to be built where part of the upper tee on number nine hole is destroyed. This space would be built by the developer, but maintained all year by the County. However, the developer would be allowed “exclusive use” of this “public amenity” for 90 days a year, with no rent! They could reserve every single weekend, or all summer! (See Lease Section: 1.05.3 Outdoor Amenities: Public Plaza)
  5. Rents that don’t follow inflation: While the rents from the developer increase over the years, they are not tied to the Cost of Living Index and will not rise with inflation. See Lease section 2.02.1)
  6. A 100-year lease with no market analysis? The lease is for 50 years with an automatic 50 year renewal, basically 100 years. Connie Ladenburg asked for the developer’s market analysis and was denied. She asked for the County Council to hire a market analysis to make sure the taxpayers were getting value. That too has been denied. An appraisal of the value of the lease has not been done. (See Lease Section 1.02)
  7. The County is obligated to a lease with unknown cost: The agreement requires the County to lease the new Pro Shop from the developer, but no price is set for the cost of that lease or even the estimated square foot cost. It is a blank check on the taxpayers. (See Lease section: 1.05.2 Pro Shop)
  8. Reduced moorage rates for the private “villas”: Should the County finish the beach bridge into a dock as planned, the people living in the villas get a 20% discount on moorage. (see Lease section 20.07)
  9. Developer get discount on water: The developer will get well water at a rate of 30 cents for 100 cubic feet, this will inflate at the rate of the rents, or below the Consumer Price Index for our area. (see Lease section 20.10)
  10. Free Parking for the developer: The agreement says the developer can use parts of the Environmental Services Building parking for “valet” parking for the hotel special events. There is no charge for this which may be a “gift of public funds”. (See Section 20.08)
  11. Pre-Approved “substantial changes”: If “Tenant requests Landlord's approval of a substantial change in use, in whole or in part, of the Premises, or a substantial redevelopment or expansion of the Improvements” the County cannot withhold approval! (See Lease Section: 4.13)
  12. No other hotels or restaurants without developer approval: The County cannot lease ANY of its 930 acres to another hotel or restaurant without the approval of the developer, not matter how far from the developer’s operations, and developer gets first right of first offer here also. (See Lease Section: 20.03-4)
  13. Developer gets concessions on ALL property: (See lease section 20.11)
  14. Free use of County’s trademark “Chambers Bay”: The developer will be able to use the County’s trademark of “Chambers Bay” without cost. (See Lease 20.05 License.)
  15. Private citizens not required to yield to Major Events: Quote from Lease: “At Landlord’s request given not less than nine (9) months prior to the Major Event, Tenant shall block up to eighty-percent (80%) of its hotel rooms and villas then being rented on a less than thirty (30) day basis for rental by the sponsor of the Major Event that are available at the time of Landlord’s request.” Golf Villas are described as “villas” to be rented for MORE than 30 days so none are likely available to benefit the event! (See Lease section 18.02)

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